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Jaakko Mannio

Senior Scientist

I've retired at the beginning of October 2021.

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I was coordinating national monitoring of contaminants in aquatic environment. My special interest was in regional limnology and priority pollutants in freshwaters and Baltic Sea. My latest activity was on screening new chemicals in aquatic environments and design and harmonization of national, regional and European monitoring activities for contaminants.

In the 2000's

Coordinator of national contaminant monitoring in aquatic environment (2003-2021)

National expert for contaminant monitoring in HELCOM expert groups (2009-2021) (CORESET, EN-HAZ, HOLAS II)

National representative in the chemical monitoring activities under the Common Implementation Strategy of  the EU Water Framework Directive (2002-) and Marine Strategy Framework Directive (2009-2021).

National representative in the Nordic Screening Group on emerging contaminants in the environment (2006-2021) (nordicscreening.org)

Key National Expert on POPs in Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme AMAP (1997-2021)

SYKE’s representative in National food contamination expert group ELV (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry) 

Expert on POP monitoring for Twinning-L project in Czech republic (2009) and ICI project in Zambia (2011-2014)


I have contributed in scientific articles, reports and chapters in books from 1986. 

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