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Jáchym Judl



Jáchym Judl

Sustainable Use of Natural Resources

Email: firstname.lastname@ymparisto.fi
Tel.  +358 295 251 227
Skype: jachym.judl.work

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)
Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production
P.O.Box 140
FIN-00251 Helsinki

Visiting address: Mechelininkatu 34a, Helsinki

Twitter @judlj
Jáchym Judl @LinkedIn
Jáchym Judl @ResearchGate


Present role

I am a researcher in the group of Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in the Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production. At present, my main tasks include research work in various projects. Writing scientific articles, as well as participating international conferences, are an essential part of my work. Among others, my fields of expertise include:

  • Life cycle assessments and related applications
  • Environmental impacts of traffic and technologies
  • Sustainability assessment of novel business models in circular economy


I am a multidisciplinary researcher educated in Industrial Ecology and specialized in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). I hold a master’s degree (M.Sc.) from the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague. I gained experience in large international EU-funded projects, as well as projects funded by Tekes or the Academy of Finland. I am used to co-operate with both public and private sector. I have been working in SYKE since 2010.

Current research interests

I want to better understand the environmental impacts of making products and services consumed by our society. My research interests are in particular related to industrial ecology, life cycle thinking, sustainable mobility, the concept of circular economy, sustainable use of natural resources, as well as to the sustainable and collaborative consumption.

Research activities

Logistics & manufacturing trends and sustainable transport (LogMan), EU FP7 (completed)

Development and application of standardized methodology for the prospective sustainability assessment of technologies (PROSUITE),EU FP7 (completed)

Servicizing policy for Resource Efficient Economy (SPREE), EU FP7 (completed)


Materiaalien arvovirrat (ARVI), Tekes (ongoing)

Renewal of manufacturing towards a sustainable circular bioeconomy and implications for innovation policy (RECIBI), Tekes (ongoing)

Kestävä, ilmastoneutraali ja resurssitehokas metsäbiotalous (FORBIO), Academy of Finland (ongoing)


The list of my publications can be accessed via Google Scholar
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