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Johanna Korhonen

Head of unit, hydrologist, M. Sc.


Freshwater Centre, Hydrological monitoring


Telephone: +358 295 251 302

Postal address: P. O. Box 140, 00251 Helsinki, Finland

Visiting address: Mechelininkatu 34a, Helsinki

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Current role

I work as a head of hydrological monitoring unit in the Freshwater Center of SYKE. The unit is responsible for hydrological monitoring and networks in Finland, developing hydrological monitoring and hydrological research. The group provides hydrological observation data of water situation eg. for Flood Center. It is responsible for measuring methods, data collection, quality control and maintaining and developing hydrological information systems. My job is to lead and develop the unit's activities, and publish and report related to hydrology in Finland. My personal responsibility variables are water temperature and ice cover. My work includes international cooperation on hydrology.


I have worked at SYKE continuously since 2001. First, I was responsible for water temperature and ice observations, as well as doing hydrological analyses and publications, water situation information and statistics (eg. Hydrological Yearbook and Monthly Bulletins). At the moment, my focus is more in developing unit’s activities, project management, research and in international co-operation. I have Master of Science degree from the University of Helsinki, majoring geophysics and minoring meteorology, mathematics and physics. Before SYKE I have worked in the University of Helsinki and Finnish Marine Research Institute. During the period 2013-2016 I worked as SYKE project manager in a project developing the Andean hydrological services.


  • Hydrological monitoring, networks and measurement practices
  • Hydrological data and data quality
  • Reporting on hydrological situation
  • Long-term changes in the hydrological regime in Finland - trend analysis and climate change
  • Water temperature and Ice conditions
  • International cooperation

Projects and working groups

  • Project manager of SYKE 2013-2016 PRASDES program (Regional Andean Program to enhance Weather, Water and Climate Services and Development)
  • Flood Centre development group  2014-
  • Hydrological advisor for Finland with World Meterological Organization (WMO) 2013-
  • Nordic Hydrological Association (NHF) Finnish board member 2012- , board deputy 2008-2012
  • Finnish chief delegate Northern Research Basins (NRB) cooperation 2005-
  • Arctic-HYCOS Finnish steering group member 2014-
  • Finnish reprentative for CHIN cooperation 2017- (Chiefs of the Hydrological Institutes in the Nordic and Baltic countries)
  • CHIN Hydrological networks working group member


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