Joonas Kahiluoto

Joonas Kahiluoto


MSc (Chemical and Process Engineering), Aalto University

Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
Laboratory Centre
Metrology (MLAB)

Address: Mustialankatu 3, 00790 Helsinki
Phone: +358 50 320 9965


Current tasks

My tasks in SYKE focus on the quality of environmental monitoring and measurement methods in the field:

  • Continuous field measurements and automation
  • Maintaining and developing Laboratory centers RPAS-operations
  • Participating and managing various research and development projects that include field measurements or drones


I have been working in the Finnish Environment Institute since 2013. First as a trainee doing routine analytics in the laboratory and delivering samples. After two theses on continuous water quality field measurements and one summer in a powder coating factory I started working as a researcher in 2017.


Kahiluoto, J., Hirvonen, J. & Näykki, T. (2019). Automatic real-time uncertainty estimation for online measurements: a case study on water turbidity. Environ Monit Assess 191: 259.

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