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Juha Flinkman

Juha Flinkman

HRD Manager

Research Vessel Aranda

email: firstname.lastname@environment.fi

Phone: +358 295 251 115

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)

Marine Research Centre

Latokartanonkaari 11

FI-00790 Helsinki


CV (including publications, pdf)

Current task

I work at SYKE MRC as development manager, with main task of managing and developing operations of research vessel Aranda, and all marine research methodology and technology related to research vessels. Towards this purpose, I’m actively involved in work within international research vessel operator’s organizations and forums such as European Research Vessel operators (ERVO) and International Research Ship Operators (IRSO). I also co-operate with institutions and companies involved in marine research, marine research technology, maritime and ship technology, as well as shipping companies. In addition to these main tasks, I work as Chief scientist on r/v Aranda’s expeditions, and participate to a small extent in marine pelagic food web and marine litter and micro plastic studies, and research of harmful substances and derelict fishing gear in wrecks. In these latter tasks I’m mostly involved in methodology and technology development.


I’m a marine biologist, having studied at Universities of Turku and Helsinki. I started my working career in fisheries research in FGFRI in 1980’s, and ended up in a research project on experimental zooplankton ecology in Finnish Institute of Marine Research. My doctoral thesis from 1999 concerned predator-prey interactions between Baltic Herring and crustacean mesozooplankton, after which I worked as zooplankton scientist in FIMR. During my career as a zooplankton scientist, I was involved with working groups within International research organizations (ICES,

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SCOR, HELCOM), tasked with zooplankton monitoring and –research. This career continued at SYKE MRC until 2010, when I took up my present tasks.

Other duties

I’m also a scientific diver. I was involved in developing national and European scientific diver standards in 1980es and 1990es. I have been diving officer in University of Helsinki Tvärminne zoological station, FIMR and SYKE MRC. My dive Team Badewanne utilizes advanced mixed gas/closed circuit rebreather diving techniques, and in addition to historic wreck research, has participated in SYKE research projects dealing with hazardous substances and DFG’s in wrecks. I dive actively myself in all these projects.


My scientific publications  (1986-2014, pdf)






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