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Kai Myrberg

Leading scientist

Email: forename.surname@syke.fi
Tel: +358 295 251 441

Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
Marine Research Centre
Latokartanonkaari 11
FI-00790 Helsinki

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Main duties

I work in the Marine Research Centre co-ordinating the tri-lateral Estonian-Finnish-Russian work to protect the marine environment of the Gulf of Finland. The co-operation consists of a network where scientific institutes, ministries, citizens and NGOs interact. I also participate to various international activities like the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), Baltic Sea Science Congress, Baltic Earth.

Research interests

My research focus on the physical oceanography of the Baltic Sea (Major Baltic Inflows, upwelling, currents) and specially on numerical modelling,

Academic degrees

MSc (1988), University of Helsinki in meteorology

PhD (1998), University of Helsinki in physical oceanography (Thesis: “Analysing and modelling the physical processes of the Gulf of Finland in the Baltic Sea”, supervisor D.Sc. Rein Tamsalu)


Ensemble model simulations as a tool to study the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland eutrophication (EMAPS)” (Funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and Ministry of the Environment of Finland) 

Gulf of Finland Year 2014

BONUS + Baltic Way

Water meets people – learn, act and influence SEVIRA

Specific duties

International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), delegate of Finland 2011-

International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), vice-president 2014-2017

University of Klaipeda (Lithuania), professor in Baltic Sea physics (part-time), 2015-

University of Helsinki, adjunct professor in geophysics, 2002-

Boreal Environment Research, editor 2009-

Lithuanian Research Council, expert, 2016-

Other activities

I am a non-fictional writer and published the following books:

Leppäranta, M. and Myrberg, K. 2009. Physical Oceanography of the Baltic Sea. Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York, 378 pp.

Myrberg, K., Leppäranta, M., and Kuosa, H. 2006. Itämeren fysiikka, tila ja tulevaisuus. Palmenia-sarja (17), [The Physics, State and Future of the Baltic Sea], 202 pp, Helsinki University of Press, (in Finnish), 202 pp.

Myrberg, K. and Leppäranta, M. 2014. Meret–Maapallon Siniset Kasvot [The Seas-The Blue Face of the Globe]. Ursan julkaisu 139, 216 s. (in Finnish).

Raateoja, M., Myrberg, K., Flinkman, J. and Vainio. J (eds). 2008. Kotimeri-Itämeri ympärillämme, [Our Sea-The Baltic Sea surrounding us] Edita Publishing House, (in Finnish), 133 pp.

Rintala, J-M. and Myrberg, K. 2009 (eds.). The Gulf of Finland –Finnish-Russian-Estonian cooperation to protect the marine environment. History and prospect for the future. Ministry of the Environment of Finland, 119 pp.

Selected scientific publications

Andrejev, O., Myrberg, K., Alenius, P. And Lundberg, P.A. 2004. Mean circulation and water exchange in the Gulf of Finland – a study based on three-dimensional modelling. Boreal Environment Research 9(1): 1–16.

Lehmann, A. and Myrberg, K. 2008. Upwelling in the Baltic Sea – a review. Journal of Marine Systems 74 (S): S3–S12.

Lehmann, A., Hinrichsen, H-H., Getzlaff, K and Myrberg, K. 2014. Quantifying the heterogeneity of hypoxic and anoxic areas in the Baltic Sea by a simplified coupled hydrodynamic-oxygen consumption model approach. Journal of Marine Systems 134, 20–28.

Myrberg, K., Koistinen J. and Järvenoja, S, 1990: A study of non-forecasted cyclogenesis in a polar air mass over the Baltic Sea. Tellus, 42A, 165–173.

Myrberg, K. and Andrejev, O. 2003. Main upwelling regions in the Baltic Sea –a statistical analysis based on three-dimensional modelling. Boreal Environment Research 8(2): 97–112.

Myrberg, K. and Andrejev O. 2006. Modelling of the circulation, water exchange and water age properties of the Gulf of Bothnia. Oceanologia 48 (S): 55–74.

Myrberg, K., Lehmann A., Raudsepp, U., Szymelfenig, M., Lips, I., Lips, U., Matciak, M.,  Kowalewski, M., Krężel, A.,Burska, D., Szymanek, L.,Ameryk A., Bielecka, L.,Bradtke, K.,  Gałkowska A., Gromisz.,S., Jędrasik J., Kaluźny,M., Kozłowski L., Krajewska-Sołtys, A.,  Ołdakowski, B., Ostrowski, M., Zalewski, M., Andrejev, O., Suomi, I., Zhurbas, V., Kauppinen, O.-K., Soosaar, E., Laanemets, J., Uiboupin, R., Talpsepp, L.,Golenko, M.,  Golenko, N. and Vahtera, E.2008. Upwelling events, coastal offshore exchange, links to biogeochemical processes – Highlights from the Baltic Sea Science Congress, March 19 – 22, 2007 at Rostock University. Oceanologia  50(1), 95–113.

Myrberg, K., Ryabchenko,V., Isaev, A, Vankevich, R., Andrejev, O., Bendtsen, J.,  Erichsen, A.,  Funkquist, L., Inkala, A., Neelov, I., Rasmus, K.,  Rodriguez Medina, M., Raudsepp,U.,  Passenko, J., Söderkvist, J., Sokolov,A., Kuosa, H., Anderson, T.R., Lehmann, A. and Skogen, M.D. 2010. Validation of three-dimensional hydrodynamic models of the Gulf of Finland based on a statistical analysis of a six-model ensemble. Boreal Environment Research 15 (5): 453–479.

Omstedt , A., Elken, J., Lehmann, A.,  Leppäranta , M., Meier , H.E.M,. Myrberg , K. and Rutgersson, A. 2014. Progress in physical oceanography of the Baltic Sea during the 2003–2013 period. Progress in Oceanography 128, 139–171.

Raateoja, M., Seppälä, J., Kuosa, H. and Myrberg, K. 2005.  Recent changes in trophic state of the Baltic Sea along SW coast of Finland. Ambio, 34, No. 3, 188–191.

Soomere, T., Myrberg, K., Leppäranta, M. and Nekrasov, A. 2008. Progress in knowledge of the physical oceanography of the Gulf of Finland: a review for 1997-2007. Oceanologia 50 (3), 287–362.

Soomere, T., Andrejev, O., Myrberg, K., Sokolov, A.  2011. The use of Lagrangian trajectories for the identification of the environmentally safe fairways. Marine Pollution Bulletin 62 (7): 1410–1420.

Soomere T., Döös, K., Lehmann. A., Meier, H.E.M.M., Murawski, J., Myrberg, K. and Stanev, E. 2014. The Potential of Current- and Wind-Driven Transport for Environmental Management of the Baltic Sea. Ambio. 43(1): 94–104.

Uusitalo, L., Helle, I., Lehikoinen, A. and Myrberg, K. 2015. Overview of methods to evaluate uncertainty of deterministic models in decision support.  Environmental Modelling and Software  63: 24–31.

Selected Publications (pdf, 24.8.2017)

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