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Kristian Spilling

Kristian Spilling kuva

Senior Research Scientist

Marine Ecosystems Modelling

Email: forename.surname@ymparisto.fi

Tel: +358 295 251 656

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)

Marine Research Centre

Latokartanonkaari 11, FI-00790 Helsinki

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Current tasks

At present I concentrate on the effect of phytoplankton community composition on biogeochemical fluxes in marine systems. I am also involved in several projects dealing with the commercial use of algae for bioenergy production (biodiesel, biogas). In these projects we are also investigating the use of wastewater and flue gas from industry as nutrient input for the algae.


I have a PhD from University of Helsinki (2007) and have formal training in phytoplankton physiology and ecology. I have held the position of Academy of Finland Research Fellow 2012-2017 and hold the position of adjunct professor in marine science at the University of Helsinki since 2010.

Research topics

Effects of global change on marine plankton

Use of algae for applied purposes

Phytoplankton community structure

Biogeochemical cycles


  • LEVARBIO - Utilization of algal components and biomass as food, feed, and fuel
  • Carbon capture and storage program (CCSP)


An updated publication list can be found from my @Google Scholar or  Research Gate profiles.


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