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Leena Laamanen


Sustainable Use of the Marine Areas

Email: forename.surname@ymparisto.fi
Tel: +358 29 525 1654

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)

Marine Research Centre

Latokartanonkaari 11, FI-00790 Helsinki, Finland

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Current tasks

I work as a researcher in the Marine Spatial Planning Unit in the Marine Research Centre. My tasks includes developing the ecosystem based marine spatial planning concept in the cold and arctic environments, applying human activities, pressures and their impacts to ecosystem in marine spatial planning as well as developing the marine biodiversity offsetting.


I have a Master’s degree in Geography (2014, University of Turku). I have previously worked as project coordinator in the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission (HELCOM) and as researcher in the University of Turku. My research interest lies down in developing the ecosystem-based marine spatial planning concept as well as integrating the human pressures and impacts into the cross-border MSP process.


  • Ecosystem based marine spatial planning in the Arctic – Barents-pilot
  • Marine biodiversity offsetting (New tools for ecological building at sea)
  • Plan4Blue


Kasvi, E., L. Laamanen, E. Lotsari & P. Alho (2017). Flow patterns and morphological changes in a sandy meander bend during a flood – spatially and temporally intensive ADCP measurement approach. Water 9, 106.

Laamanen, L & J. Kaitaranta (2016). Tietoa Itämerestä teemoittain. Positio 2/2016: 16–17.

Flener, C., Y. Wang, L. Laamanen, E. Kasvi, J-M. Vesakoski & P. Alho (2015). Empirical Modeling of Spatial 3D Flow Characteristics Using a Remote-Controlled ADCP System: Monitoring a Spring Flood. Water 7(1): 217–247.

Winsemann, J, P. Alho, L. Laamanen, N. Goseberg, J. Lang & J. Klostermann (2015). Flow dynamics, sedimentation and erosion of glacial lake outburst floods along Middle Pleistocene Scandinavian Ice Sheet (northern central Europe). Boreas, 45:2, 260-283.

Alho, P., L. Laamanen, E. Kasvi, Y. Wang & C. Flener (2015). Tulvariskien hallinta uusilla teknologioilla. Metsätieteen aikakauskirja 1/2015: 42–45.

Updated list of my scientific publications: @Google Scholar


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