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Mika Sarkkinen

Mika Sarkkinen

Head of Unit  

MSc (Analytical Chemistry), University of Oulu

Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
Laboratory Centre / Metrology (MLAB)

Postal address: P.O.Box 413, FI-90014, University of Oulu, Finland
Email: firstname.lastname@syke.fi
Phone: +358405404346

Current tasks

In addition to my administrative tasks, my duties include

  • Acting as the technical and quality assurance responsible person of the laboratory at the Oulu site
  • To act as an expert in inorganic analytics of proficiency tests organized by SYKE
  • Participate in various research and development projects that include analytics or the development of measurement activities
  • Miscellaneous expert tasks related to environmental laboratory activities


I started my career in the laboratory of the Northern Ostrobothnia Environment Center as a trainee in the summer of 1996. In January 1997, I started working in the same job as a laboratory chemist. Over the years, my job description was supplemented with the duties of quality assurance and technical responsibilities. In connection with the 2010 regional administration reform, the Northern Ostrobothnia laboratory was transferred to SYKE. In the new organization, I first worked as the group leader and, from 2015, as the head of unit of the Metrology.

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