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Noora Veijalainen

Noora Veijalainen


D.Sci. (Tech.)

Tel. +358 29 525 1732

Finnish Environment Institute, Freshwater Centre
P.O.Box 140
FIN-00251 Helsinki
Visiting address: Mechelininkatu 34a, Helsinki

Twitter @NooraVei


Present role

I work as a researcher in the Modelling and Assessment Unit at SYKE. My research subjects include watershed modelling and climate change impacts on water resources, floods and droughts in Finland.


watershed modelling, hydrological modelling
Climate change impacts on water resources
floods, droughts, risk assessment
climate scenarios in impact assessments
climate change adaptation measures
flood forecasts


I have worked in Finnish Environment Institute since 2002 in projects related to watershed modelling and climate change impact assessment. I graduated as Master of Science in 2004 from Helsinki University of Technology. In 2012 I defended my doctoral thesis with a title ”Estimation of climate change impacts on hydrology and floods in Finland” at Aalto University Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.



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