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Petri Ekholm

Erikoistutkija Petri Ekholm, Syke

Senior Research Scientist
D. Sc. (Limnology),
Title of Docent  (Aquatic sciences, University of Helsinki)

Tel. +358 295 251102

Finnish Environment Institute,
Freshwater Centre
Visiting address: Mechellininkatu 34a
Postal address: P.O. Box 140, FIN-00251 Helsinki, Finland


  • Nutrient losses, biogeochemical cycles and eutrophication
  • Agricultural load and its reduction

Recent projects

Fields and ditch

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Lectures on diffuse loading

  1. Orientation (pdf 2.5 Mt)
  2. Nutrients and their processes (pdf 3.6 Mt)
  3. Catchment characterisation (pdf 2.3 Mt)
  4. Hydrology (pdf 4.6 Mt)
  5. Natural background loss (pdf 0.4 Mt)
  6. Estimating nutrient fluxes (pdf 0.6 Mt)
  7. Agricultural load (pdf 11 Mt)
  8. Availability of nutrients (pdf 1 Mt)
  9. Load from forestry (pdf 3.5 Mt)
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