Riikka Puntila

Riikka Puntila kuva

Research Scientist
Marine Ecosystems Modelling

Email: firstname.lastname@environment.fi
Phone: +358 295 251 545

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE),

Marine research centre

Latokartanonkaari 11

00790 Helsinki, Finland

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 Current tasks

I am currently working as research scientist in the Marine Ecosystem Functioning and Modelling group. For the past years I was working on my PhD dissertation and in project BONUS BIO-C3 concentrating on the impacts of invasive species in the Baltic Sea. I am currently moving towards modelling the Baltic Sea food webs and working in project BONUS BLUEWEBS.


My education is a mix of ecology and marine science. I completed my master’s in marine science in the University of South Alabama, where I studied the direct and indirect impacts of pradation in the Florida Keys coral reefs. In my dissertation I concentrated on the various impacts and interactions of invasive Species in the Baltic Sea coastal ecosystems. Previously I have been working on ballast water management convention related issues at HELCOM and on invasive species monitoring in the Finnish Game and Fisheries research (now Natural resource center).




Other activities

Member in the Finnish Traffic Safety agency’s Ballast Ad Hoc group and in Sea transport environmental network (Merenkulun ympäristöverkko).

Scientific publications

I have been authoring many scientific articles and reports. In addition, I have given scientific and non-scientific presentations in various conferences. The most recent publication list is available at my  @Research Gate  and @Google Scholar profiles.


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