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Sirpa Lehtinen

Kuva Sirpa Lehtinen
© Kuva Anna-Elina Lehtinen

Senior Research Scientist


Marine Ecological Research Laboratory

PhD (aquatic sciences)

Email: firstname.surname@ymparisto.fi
Phone: +358 295 251 353

Finnish Environment Institute

Marine Research Centre

Address: Building EE, Agnes Sjöbergin katu 2, Viikki Campus, Helsinki

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Baltic Sea phytoplankton ecology, biodiversity, functional traits and long-term changes


  • Baltic Sea phytoplankton monitoring; coordination, sampling and species identification
  • Baltic Sea phytoplankton ecology research, biodiversity and functional traits
  • Quality assurance work related to plankton analysis and taxonomy
  • Plankton monitoring method development
  • Plankton indicator development
  • Harmful algal bloom monitoring

Other activities

  • Member, HELCOM Phytoplankton Expert Group (HELCOM PEG)
  • UNESCO IOC Working Group to Investigate Climate Change and Global Trends of Phytoplankton in the Oceans (IOC WG TrendsPO)


List of publications, see Google Scholar




Published 2017-08-28 at 16:28, updated 2021-11-30 at 9:17

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