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Soile Oinonen

Head of International Water Management Unit


Docent (Adjunct Professor) in Environmental and Resource Economics

PhD (agriculture and forestry, environmental economics)


Email: firstname.m.lastname@ymparisto.fi

Tel. +358 (0)295 251 323

Finnish Environment Institute

Freshwater Centre

Adress: Latokartanonkaari 11
00790 Helsinki, Finland

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  • Group leader
  • International collaboration 
  • Research project management

Research interests

  • Natural resource economics and environmental economics
  • Natural Capital
  • Systematic Review
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Ecosystem accounting
  • Bioeconomic modelling
  • Systematic reviews
  • Interdisciplinary research
  • Science-policy interface

Ongoing projects

  • Mapping and Assessment for Integrated ecosystem Accounting - EU H2020 MAIA

Past and coordinated projects

  • Arctic Freshwater Capital in the Nordic Countries CAPITAL
  • Blue health and wealth from the Baltic Sea – a participatory systematic review for smart decisions BONUS ROSEMARIE


Recent policy briefs and reports:

Recent scientific publications:

  •   All publications:                                                                 



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