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Tiina Laamanen


Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Freshwater Centre
Restoration and Assessment (20% of working time)

Doctoral student at The Water, Energy and Environmental Engineering
Research Unit, University of Oulu 9/2020–8/2024 (80 % of working time)

Email: firstname.lastname@syke.fi
Phone: +358 295 251 795

Address: Paavo Havaksen tie 3, FI-90570 Oulu,
P.O.Box 413 University of Oulu



Master of Science, University of Helsinki, Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Microbial genetics, 2019.
Biomedical Laboratory Scientist, specialization: Microbiology, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, 2010.

@ Twitter, ResearchGate, LinkedIn


I’m a Researcher from Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Freshwater Centre located at Oulu, Northern Finland with special interest in environmental microbes, molecular ecology and mine waters. I have been working at SYKE since 2012 in many different EU- and Finnish Academy -funded projects from the field of Freshwater Ecology, Restoration and Assessment. My main interest group has been aquatic microbes.

I’m also a Doctoral student at The Water, Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Unit, University of Oulu (9/2020–8/2024). I work on research tasks in a project funded by the Academy of Finland “Capturing the unknown microbial players and genes involved in the cycling of arsenic and antimony in Northern peatland soils”, PI Dr. Katharina Kujala). The tasks include field and laboratory work, e.g. incubation studies, molecular approaches as well as bioinformatics and statistics.

In my master thesis I studied stream microbial communities and the effect of rare species removal on community-environment relationships. My supervisor was Dr. Jani Heino from Finnish Environment Institute. Jani’s Large-Scale Ecology Laboratory -research group is integrating ecological, geographical, limnological and biostatistical approaches for understanding environmental change and biodiversity variation in a changing world.

I am SYKE’s part project manager in the EU-funded “Mine closure - impacts and possibilities” -project. In this project, we focus on the usability of microbial communities as environmental indicators in mine area and as tools for biological remediation in an open pit lake. In the Finnish Academy funded “Microbial diversity in aquatic systems and effects of browning – MiDAS” project we are aiming to describe the previously unseen hidden biodiversity of aquatic microbes in lakes and increase understanding of the responses of aquatic microbial biodiversity to increasing allochthonous dissolved organic carbon (DOC) input, referred to as browning-related changes in the diversity of taxon-specific bacteria associated with phytoplankton. We use and test several DNA-, RNA- and EpicPCR -based methods in this project.


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