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Koepeltojen tarkistusta Kiteellä. Kuva: Tanja Myllyviita
Field tests in Kitee, Finland. Photo: Tanja Myllyviita

It is essential to understand what kind of fertilizers are to be produced from the process and to adjust the technologies accordingly. Nevertheless, well-adjusted processing technologies are not sufficient to guarantee market acceptance, as the products need to meet the needs of the end-users as well. Producers of fertilizers need to be aware about the end-users perceptions and needs, restrictions connected to spreading machinery and requirements of the cultivated plants.

In this project farmers, biogas producers and research organisations are brought together to discuss what kind of recycled fertilizers are needed and how to respond to this need. In this project, several fertilizers processed from digestate are tested. In collaboration, examples of resource-efficient, technically feasible, cost-efficient and environmentally sound processing chains are created.

The project shares knowledge and good practices from with Finland and the EU. On the other hand, also European experiences are shared in Finland. This project contributes to Finlands target to become the forerunner in nutrient recycling.

Published 2018-07-06 at 10:16, updated 2019-08-16 at 13:09
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