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How Essential Biodiversity Variables and remote sensing can help national biodiversity monitoring

Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs) have been suggested to harmonize biodiversity monitoring worldwide. In this article we study how well Finland’s current biodiversity state indicators correspond with EBVs, and how national biodiversity monitoring could be improved by using available remote sensing (RS) applications. Rapidly emerging new technologies from drones to airborne laser scanning and new satellite sensors providing imagery with very high resolution (VHR) open a whole new world of opportunities for monitoring the state of biodiversity and ecosystems at low cost. Along with RS opportunities our analysis revealed also some needs to develop the EBV framework itself, especially to cover ecosystem functioning more comprehensively.

Keywords: Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs), Earth Observation, In situ, Indicators, Ecosystem services, Aichi targets

Authors: Petteri Vihervaara, Ari-Pekka Auvinen, Laura Mononen, Markus Törmä, Petri Ahlroth, Saku Anttila, Kristin Böttcher, Martin Forsius, Jani Heino, Janne Heliölä, Meri Koskelainen, Mikko Kuussaari, Kristian Meissner, Olli Ojala, Seppo Tuominen, Markku Viitasalo and Raimo Virkkala

Published 2017-05-12 at 13:45, updated 2017-07-31 at 11:56

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