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The effect of urbanization on freshwater macroinvertebrates: Knowledge gaps and future research directions

A major part of human populations will live in urban areas worldwide by 2050. This is means that freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity in urban areas will be even more strongly affected than in the present day.

In general, urbanization is supposed to have negative effects on freshwater biodiversity, although evidence from a recent meta-analysis shows multiple responses by macroinvertebrate biodiversity to urban development.

In this paper, we emphasize existing knowledge gaps that hinder providing clear suggestions and predictions how freshwater macroinvertebrate biodiversity in urban ecosystems will be altered with further urbanization and associated stressors

Aquatic invertebrates, Biodiversity, Effect of urbanization, Freshwater ecosystems, Systematic review

Blanka Gál, Ildikó Szivák, Jani Heino, Dénes Schmera

Published 2019-07-10 at 15:12, updated 2019-09-09 at 13:35