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The science, policy and practice of nature-based solutions

The paper analyses Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) in relation to similar concepts, based on literature evaluations and conceptual models, and reflects on the relationship of NBS to sustainability as an overarching framework. Implications for science, policy and practice are also studied.

This analysis and discussion was based on a workshop arranged within the ALTER-Net (Europe's Ecosystem Research Network) in February 2015, and has been linked to other meetings and activities within ALTER-Net and beyond.

Keywords: Sustainability, Ecosystem services, Ecosystem management, Environmental governance

Authors: Carsten Nesshöver, Timo Assmuthe, Katherine N. Irvine, Graciela M. Rusch, Kerry A.Waylenf, Ben Delbaere, Dagmar Haase, Lawrence Jones-Walters, Hans Keune, Eszter Kovacs, Kinga Krauze, Mart Külvik, Freddy Rey, Jiska van Dijk, Odd Inge Vistad, Mark E.Wilkinson and Heidi Wittmer

Published 2017-02-24 at 12:50, updated 2017-07-31 at 15:33

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