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Gulf of Finland Year 2014

Finnish Environment Institute SYKE

Helsinki 2012

The Gulf of Finland Year 2014 is administered in Finland by the Ministry of Environment, Ministry for Foreign Affairs and a Steering Committee. Finnish Environment Institute SYKE is the coordinator of the Year. The theme year will be made visible in many different ways. The main activities of the year consist of the following sectors:
• Active research work: joint monitoring of the Gulf of Finland and other research projects
• Articles and reports on the status of the Gulf of Finland and the measures to protect the environment
• Events for the public in the coastal cities
• Scientific forums in all three countries
• Educational material and courses for students and teachers
• Forum for decision makers
• Media happenings
• Joint events and cooperation projects of Finland, Estonia and Russia

Published 2013-04-09 at 13:50, updated 2013-04-09 at 13:49

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