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What is Eco-Benchmark and how it was developed? -brochure

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), National Consumer Researh Centre, Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute and MTT Agrifood Research Finland

Helsinki 2006

Four Finnish research institutes designed in 2003 a three-year project to develop 'eco-benchmarks', i.e. illustrative presentation formats and benchmarks for presenting LCA-based information. Eco-Benchmark can be used when informing citizens on the environmental impacts of products and consumption patterns. However, we consider environmental educators as the primary target group - offering the Eco-Benchmark directly to consumers in a situation in which the number of published LCA studies is low might raise false expectations. The benchmarking method will also help manufacturers and retailers to provide information about the environmental impacts of their products.

Published 2013-04-09 at 12:59, updated 2013-04-08 at 16:15

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