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Carbon footprint calculators

Finnish Environment Institute has been developing several tools that can calculate and follow the climate impacts of different subjects.

Kaupunkimaisema talvi

Climate Diet - for citizens

Climate diet (ilmastodieetti in Finnish) is a tool for personal carbon footprint calculations and follow-up. The calculator is available in Finnish.

Baltic Sea calculator - for consumers

With the calculator developed by the Finnish Environment Institute and the Natural Resources Institute Finland, consumers can determine the impacts of their consumption habits on nutrient pollution in the Baltic Sea.

JUHILAS - Carbon Footprint Tools for Public Procurement for municipalities and companies

JUHILAS carbon footprint tools can be used to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions of a product that occur during a product´s life-cycle.

SYNERGY Carbon Footprint Tool for buildings

The SYNERGY Carbon Footprint tool is for calculating carbon footprints of main structures of buildings.

Y-HIILARI - Carbon Footprint Tool for companies

Y-HIILARI is simplified carbon footprint calculation tool for companies. The tool has been developed at Finnish Environment Institute in the Carbon Neutral Municipalities- project (HINKU). The calculator takes into account heat production, electricity production, waste management, transportation, and business travelling. The tool is available in Finnish.

KEKO - Eco-efficiency Calculator for City Planning

KEKO is a web-based eco-efficiency calculator for city planning. The tool calculates the impacts of different planning options assessing the greenhouse gas emissions, material consumption and impacts on the nature. SYKE developed the calculator in collaboration with Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland in TEKES- project that was also funded by 15 municipalities, two construction firms and the Ministry of the Environment. The project was led by the city of Helsinki. Web-based KEKO calculator has been published

Alternative mobility calculator KULKURI

With the KULKURI calculator developed by the Finnish Environment Institute, anyone can easily calculate the costs of transport without owning a car. The tool also calculates climate emissions produced by different transport options.

Published 2020-03-24 at 14:58, updated 2021-06-18 at 9:29

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