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SYNERGY Carbon Footprint Tool

The SYNERGY Carbon Footprint tool is a tool developed by Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) for calculation of carbon footprints of main structures of buildings. It was developed in SYNERGIA Pilot -project funded by Tekes in 2009-2010. 

The User may use the tool free of charge. However, the terms of use will apply to the use of the Tool and shall be deemed automatically approved upon the download and implementation of the Tool.


Nissinen A, Juvonen H, Kämäri J, Linjama J, Niemelä J, Muttilainen J, Rintala T, Etelämäki P 2010. Identifying and assessing the critical aspects of eco-efficiency for a new Finnish office and laboratory building. SB10 Finland, Sustainable Community – buildingSMARTTM, 22-24 September in Espoo, Finland, Conference proceedings electronic version p. 768-773. ISBN 978-951-758-506-4.

More information

Senior Researcher Ari Nissinen,  Finnish Environment Institute, etunimi.sukunimi@ymparisto.fi

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