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Joint Task Force of ICP Waters and ICP IM 2019 - presentations


#Thematic sessions
#Acidification and recovery
#Climate change and land use
#Heavy metals and POPs
#NEC directive
#Critical loads and modelling
#Nitrogen and element budgets

#Common sessions for ICP IM and Waters

#Separate meetings, ICP IM Task Force

Tuesday 4 June 2019


  1. Structure of the Convention and recent CLRTAP activities  Krzysztof Olendrzynski, Secretariat
  2. Reports from Working Group on Effects and the Bureau  Martin Forsius
  3. The new WGE web portal - status report  Salar Valinia, Co-Chair ICP IM
  4. Current issues ICP IM   Ulf Grandin, Co-Chair ICP IM
  5. Current issues ICP Waters  Heleen de Wit, Chair ICP Waters

Thematic sessions

a. Acidification and recovery

b. Climate change and land use

c.Heavy metals and POPs

d. Biodiversity

Wednesday 5 June 2019

e. NEC Directive

f. Critical loads and modelling

g. Nitrogen and element budgets

Common Sessions of ICP Waters and ICP IM

Separate TF meetings

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