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Coordination of ICP IM

  • Expert institutes collect and report primary data to the National Focal Point (NFP). They are responsible for data quality.

  • The NFP, with or without the help of expert institutes, treats the data according to the IM manual and reports data to the Programme Centre. Data should also take part in national and international data analysis and evaluation if required and feasible.

  • The Programme Centre collects and stores data and, in contact with the NFP, tests data quality, maintains an international database, including both current and available older time-series of monitoring data. Programme Centre is responsible for the cooperation among the ICPs. It is also responsible for the production of Annual Reports to the Task Force for ICP IM.

  • The Task Force for ICP IM acts as the steering body of the programme, specifies the time table for activities and reports progress to UNECE Working Group on Effects.

  • Thematic intercalibration groups carry out intercalibration programmes and training sessions.

A manual detailing the protocols for monitoring each of the necessary physical, chemical and biological parameters is applied throughout the programme.

ICP IM is under the leadership of Sweden and the Programme Centre is located in Finnish Environment Institute.

ICP IM Programme Centre is entrusted with tasks in IM data management, data processing, data evaluations and reporting. Contact info: , Jussi Vuorenmaa, Sirpa Kleemola

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