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ICP IM Meetings

Next TF meeting

A few weeks ago we cancelled this year’s Task Force meeting, due to the current Corona virus situation.
We have now a plan B, and cordially invite all to a virtual Task Force meeting to be held Wednesday 13 May, 13:00-17 (CET) and Thursday 14 May 13:00-17 (at the latest).

Please register for this new meeting atwww.slu.se/imtf2020
You need to register even if you had registered for the cancelled physical meeting in Riga! 
Deadline for registration is April 15.

The meeting will consist of a limited number of scientific and technical presentations and a formal TF meeting for all necessary decisions coupled to the Convention. We aim for a condensed meeting with sessions only in the afternoons to allow participants from Northern America to take part at a reasonable time of the day.

Presentations will primarily be on the Wednesday and the formal Task Force meeting on the Thursday. A more detailed agenda will follow.

The meeting will be on-line, using the free video tool Zoom. To take part you need a computer (or tablet or smart phone) with speakers and microphone, connected to internet. Registered users will in due time get an e-mail with a link for connecting to the Zoom meeting.

We think that a virtual meeting is the best alternative to keep our community together and updated on the latest issues and trends.

We hope that everyone can attend the meeting!

Best regards
Ulf, Salar and Martin

CANCELLED: The 28th ICP IM Task Force Meeting with ICP Waters in Latvia, 12-14 May 2020 has been calcelled due to the current pandemic Corona virus situation.

Cancellation of the TF meeting (PDF)


The 27th ICP IM Task Force Meeting jointly with ICP Waters was held in Helsinki, Finland 4-6 June 2019.

Group photo TF meeting 2019

Joint Task Force of ICP Waters and ICP IM 2019 - presentations

Minutes of the TF meeting 2019 (PDF)

Annotated agenda for the separate ICP IM TF meeting 2019 (PDF)

28th Annual Report 2019


The 26th ICP IM Task Force Meeting jointly with ICP Waters was held in  Warsaw, Poland, 7-9 May 2018.

Group photo 2018

Joint ICP Waters and ICP IM Task Force meeting 2018 - presentations

Minutes of the TF meeting 2018 (PDF)

Annotated agenda ICP IM TF 2018 (PDF)

27th Annual Report 2018 (PDF)


The 25th ICP IM Task Force Meeting together with ICP Waters was held in Uppsala, Sweden, 9-11 May 2017.

Group photo 2017

Joint ICP Waters and ICP IM Task Force 2017 - presentations

ICP IM TF minutes 2017 (PDF)

Detailed notes from the meeting by ICP Waters

Explanatory Notes from the IM TF Chairman (PDF)

26th Annual Report 2017


The 24th ICP IM Task Force Meeting together with ICP Waters was held in Asker, Norway, 24-26 May 2016.

Participants in Asker TF meeting

ICP IM TF Minutes 2016 (PDF)

Detailed notes from the jointly organized meeting can be found in the meeting report of ICP Waters:
Link to ICP Waters Minutes

Explanatory Notes to ICP IM TF Agenda (PDF)

Presentations at the separate ICP IM Task Force:

Lars Lundin: CLRTAP and WGE and EMEP

Lars Lundin: ICP IM Activities

Sirpa Kleemola: ICP IM db status


The 23rd ICP IM Task Force Meeting was held in Minsk, Belarus 6-8 May 2015.

Group_b 2015

Minutes of the 2015 Task Force Meeting (PDF)

ICP IM Task Force and Workshop 2015 - presentations

23 совещание Целевой группы (русская версия)

Explanatory notes to the ICP IM TF agenda (PDF)

Excursion site info: http://www.berezinsky.by/en/



The 22nd ICP IM Task Force Meeting was held in Westport, Ireland, 7-9 May 2014.


Minutes of ICP IM Task Force Meeting 2014 (PDF)

Explanatory notes to the Task Force Agenda (PDF)

ICP IM Workshop and Task Force - presentations



The 21st ICP IM Task Force Meeting was held in Obninsk, Russia 21-23 May 2013.

ICP IM TF 2013 group photo

Minutes of the Task Force Meeting 2013 (PDF)

Explanatory notes to the TF meeting 2013 (PDF)


The 20th ICP IM Task Force Meeting was held in Kaunas, Lithuania 22-25 May 2012.

The Workshop was organized as a part of the Conference 'Biological Reactions of Forests to Climate Change and Air Pollution', IM TF meeting was held separately on May 23, May 24 was a sum up day for the Conference. On Friday 25 there was an excursion to the IM site

Minutes of the ICP IM TF meeting 2012 (PDF)

List of TF meetings

Year City Country Meeting
1993 Silkeborg Denmark 1st Task Force meeting
1994 Grafenau Germany 2nd Task Force meeting
1995 Oslo Norway 3rd Task Force meeting
1996 Vienna Austria 4th Task Force meeting
1997 Dwingeloo Netherlands 5th Task Force meeting
1998 Tallinn Estonia 6th Task Force meeting
1999 Wallingford United Kingdom 7th Task Force meeting
2000 Vilnius Lithuania 8th Task Force meeting
2001 Rome Italy 9th Task Force meeting
2002 Prague Czech Republic 10th Task Force meeting
2003 Helsinki Finland 11th Task Force meeting
2004 Molln Austria 12th Task Force meeting
2005 Reykjavik Iceland 13th Task Force meeting
2006 Riga Latvia 14th Task Force meeting
2007 Grafenau Germany 15th Task Force meeting
2008 Pamplona Spain 16th Task Force meeting
2009 Tallinn Estonia 17th Task Force meeting
2010 Uppsala Sweden 18th Task Force meeting
2011 Rome Italy 19th Task Force meeting
2012 Kaunas Lithuania 20th Task Force meeting
2013 Obninsk Russia 21st Task Force meeting
2014 Westport Republic of Ireland 22nd Task Force meeting
2015 Minsk Republic of Belarus 23rd Task Force meeting
2016 Asker Norway 24th Task Force meeting
2017 Uppsala Sweden 25th Task Force meeting
2018 Warsaw Poland 26th Task Force meeting
2019 Helsinki Finland 27th Task Force meeting



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