Finnish ICP IM sites

Intensive input/output measurements are carried out at Valkea-Kotinen (Häme), Hietajärvi (North Karelia) and Pallasjärvi (Lapland) ICP IM areas. Pallasjärvi was included in the national programme in 2006 and in the international programme in 2009.

Full monitoring in accordance with IM programme at Pesosjärvi (Kainuu) and Vuoskojärvi (Lapland) sites stopped in 1999, and monitoring was carried out with limited programme between 2000 and 2015.

IM sites in Finaand

Monitoring areas are situated in national parks or reserves, and they represent background areas of air pollution and deposition to boreal coniferous forests in Finland. All of the Finnish ICP IM sites include a lake.

The Finnish ICP IM programme is coordinated by an expert group consisting of experts from the participating institutes. Most Finnish research institutes (e.g. Finnish Meteorological Institute, Natural Resources Institute Finland, Finnish Environment Institute, Finnish Geological Survey), several regional authorities and universities involved in environmental research have participated in the ICP IM Programme and have made considerable contributions.

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Finnish IM sites at present:

Sites with limited programme between 2000 and 2015, monitoring now stopped:

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