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6 Types of Subprogrammes

6.1 Mandatory and optional subprogrammes

In addition to the mapping requirements presented in Chapter 5, the minimum level of the IM programme is presented in Table 6.1. This common minimum level of the programme is required in order to allow evaluation of data at the international scale regarding the priority topics of the IM programme. Table 6.1 also includes recommendations for sampling frequency. Depending on national priorities and available resources the subprogrammes which are marked optional may or may not be carried out. A table of parameters measured in individual subprogrammes is presented in Table 6.2.

Table 6.1 The minimum level of the IM programnme

Chapter Mandatory subprogrammes         Sampling frequency
7.1 Subprogramme AM: Meteorology c/d
7.2 Subprogramme AC: Air Chemistry c/d/w
7.3 Subprogramme PC: Precipitation chemistry d/w/m
7.5 Subprogramme TF: Throughfall   w/m
7.7 Subprogramme SC: Soil chemistry 5y
7.8 Subprogramme SW: Soil water chemistry  w/2w
7.10 Subprogramme RW: Runoff water chemistry  d/w/m
7.12 Subprogramme FC: Foliage chemistry   y
7.13 Subprogramme LF: Litterfall chemistry        y
7.17 Subprogramme VG: Vegetation (intensive plot) 1-5y
7.20 Subprogramme EP: Trunk epiphytes     1-5y

Chapter Optional subprogrammes                          Sampling frequency
7.4 Subprogramme MC: Metal chemistry of mosses 5y
7.6 Subprogramme SF: Stemflow w/m
7.9 Subprogramme GW: Groundwater chemistry 2m
7.11 Subprogramme LC: Lake water chemistry 2-6m
7.14 Subprogramme RB: Hydrobiology of streams 6m
7.15 Subprogramme LB: Hydrobiology of lakes    m/2m (in spring/autumn)
7.16 Subprogramme FD: Forest damage          y

Subprogramme BI: Tree bioelements and tree and tree indication

7.19 Subprogramme VS: Vegetation structure and species cover 10-20y
7.21 Subprogramme AL: Aerial green algae   y
7.22 Subprogramme MB: Microbial decomposition     y
7.23 Subprogramme TA: Toxicity assessment  
7.24 Subprogramme BB: Inventory of birds    3-5y
7.25 Subprogramme PH: Phenology        d/w  (in spring/autumn)
sampling intervals: c = continuous, d = daily, w = weekly, m = monthly, y = yearly                

Table 6.2 List of mandatory and optional parameters

Mandatory and optional parameters (pdf)

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