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The year of celebration for European landscapes

This autumn, we are celebrating landscapes as it is the 20th anniversary of the European Landscape Convention. Vibrant landscape is an important part of the European identity. Landscapes are celebrat...

Cormorant population in Finland has stabilised at approximately 26,000 breeding couples

Approximately 25,760 cormorant nests were counted in the Finnish coastal areas in the summer of 2020. In the past five years, the nesting population has varied by only a few per cent. However, there i...

Doctoral dissertation “Ant community structure in successional mosaics of boreal forests"

MSc Pekka Punttila will defend his doctoral dissertation entitled “Ant community structure in successional mosaics of boreal forests " at the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Universi...

Significant funding for a new Finnish Ecosystem Observatory

The state of biodiversity and ecosystems has deteriorated both in Finland and globally. Planning and implementing effective corrective measures requires more comprehensive and up-to-date information a...

The decline in natural biodiversity can be stopped

This decade, Finland has for the first time a real chance to significantly reverse the decline in biodiversity. In the last 25 years, many new ways have been found to restore nature. Halting the deter...

Hydrology of undrained peatlands is often affected by drainage of surrounding areas

Finnish peatlands are under a bigger pressure from land use than has generally been realised. More than half of the peatland area has been drained, and most of the remaining undrained peatlands are bo...

International Landscape Day to be celebrated with a photo contest and scenic walks

International Landscape Day will be celebrated on Sunday 20 October 2019. This year, the aim is to use Landscape Day to draw particular attention to the value of water in the landscape.

Landscape and Water as Landscape Day themes

Living in the land of a thousand lakes, water plays an important role in the everyday lives of Finns. How is water represented in our everyday landscapes? Is it quietly flowing along in tiny streams a...

Hymenoptera threatened by overgrowth

Species in our country's largest order of insects are increasingly under threat. In an assessment of threatened species made public in the spring, about 16 % of our species of Hymenoptera were assesse...

Finland cormorant population decreased slightly

Approximately 25,700 cormorant nests were counted in Finnish sea areas in the summer of 2019. This represents a decrease of 4%, or 1,000 nests, in comparison to the previous year. With the cormorant n...

New estimate - every ninth species in Finland is threatened

A new assessment of threatened species indicates an increasing loss of biodiversity in Finnish nature. Of the 22 000 species evaluated, 11.9% were classified as threatened, compared to 10.5% in the pr...

Assessment of threatened habitat types in Finland 2018: The status of natural habitats continues to deteriorate

The threat status of habitat types in Finland was evaluated for the second time. Almost half (48%) of the nearly 400 habitat types across the country were assessed to be threatened. In southern Finlan...

Changes in snow coverage threatens biodiversity of Arctic nature

Many of the plants on northern mountains depend on the snow melting late in spring and summer. Snow provides shelter from winter extreme events for plants but at the same time it limits the length of ...

Nature as a solution for immigrant integration in Nordic countries

Immigration to the Nordic region has increased fast during recent decades. Large portion of the newcomers are asylum seekers. These developments promote the need for revisiting and developing new appr...

A Tribute to Everyday Landscapes

The #arkimaisema photography campaign of the Ministry of the Environment and The Finnish Environment Institute challenges people to take a look at their own everyday landscape with new eyes.

Two new nature conservation areas to Russia near the Finnish border

At the end of the Year of the Environment 2017 Russia decided to establish a new National Park in the Lake Ladoga archipelago and a new Nature Park on the islands of the Eastern Gulf of Finland and th...

Finland’s cormorant population at previous summer’s level

A total of approximately 25,750 cormorant nests were counted in the summer of 2017. It is likely that the cormorant population is about to reach its natural peak in Finland.

Coastal spatial planning forms the basis for sustainable business activities

The planning of coastal spatial management enables account to be taken of the effects of land-sea activities on coastal nature and local business activities. The objective of such planning is to exami...

Finland to become the world's first country to fly a flag for nature – Finnish Nature Day, 26 August 2017, declared an official flag day

In 2017, Finland will become the first country in the world to honour its natural environment with an official flag day. The Ministry of the Interior has ordered that flags should be flown on Finnish ...

Nitrogen deposition affects population changes of butterfly and moth species in Finland

Large, mobile and multivoltine butterflies and moths that either utilise a wide variety host plants or have adapted to feed on nitrophilous plants are becoming more common in Finnish nature. Soil eutr...


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