Administration and Support of the Strategic Cooperation Programme for Finland's Water Sector Support to the EECCA Countries (FinWaterWEI)

Project Description

The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA) assigned in April 2009 a team of experts to formulate a strategy to steer the Finnish support in water sector in the EECCA countries under the Wider Europe Initiative framework programme for 2009-2013. As a result, the Strategic Cooperation Programme for Finland's Water Sector Support to the EECCA countries 2009 – 2013 (FinWaterWEI) was approved in December 2009. The Programme described the Finnish policy framework and the overall situation of the water sector and the water sector support to the EECCA countries. It also set out the strategic focal areas for the activities for the water sector support from Finland. These included

  • Water and health;
  • Transboundary waters;
  • Dam safety;
  • Monitoring, reporting and assessment;
  • Climate change.

Since autumn 2008 some actors had been preparing projects in the water sector in the EECCA countries and requests for funding had been submitted to the MFA. These proposals, as well as the tentative allocation of about 5 MEUR were used as basis for defining the approach for the administration and support services, as well as for estimating the resources required for such services during 2009-2013. The overall objective of the administration and support services was to amplify the impact of the Finnish support to water sector under the Wider Europe Initiative framework programme (WEI). The project supported the MFA in managing the Finnish support coherently, effectively, and in good coordination between the different stakeholders of the Programme.

The programme contained different types of activities:

  • Activities or processes led by international institutions;
  • Bilateral activities as either stand alone or as components of some larger programme involving one or more additional financier;
  • Institutional capacity building activities between organizations in Finland and in the EECCA countries.

National Policy Dialogues (NPDS) were the main operational instrument to implement the FinWaterWEI programme. The overall objectives of the NPDS are to initiate country specific activities regarding Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) aimed at improving coverage and quality of water sector services. NPDS involve high level representatives of all key partners in the country in question, including representatives of relevant international organisations and civil society (NGOs).

Services provided by SYKE

SYKE was responsible for e.g. the following tasks related to the administration of the Programme:

  • Overall administration (including financial management of the total sum) of the Programme;
  • Assessing project proposals and supporting formulation of project documents and/or plans to ensure that the activities supported are in line with the Programme;
  • Identification and formulation of new water related projects;
  • Preparation of project agreements and/or contracts in close coordination with implementing organisations and the MFA;
  • Monitoring of projects and Programme and related reporting;
  • Implementation of particular Institutional Collaboration Projects (ICI) approved by the MFA;
  • Provision of ad hoc expert services on water issues;
  • Information dissemination and communication regarding the Programme;
  • Development of strategic aspects of the programme.

Next water programme, FINWaterWEI II, for the years 2014 - 2017 has been prepared and launched. It focuses on two coutries, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

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Mr. Karri Eloheimo, Project Manager, Freshwater Centre, Finnish Environment Institute

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