Black carbon in the Arctic and significance compared to dust sources (IBA-FIN-BCDUST)

The IBA-project aims to assess black carbon (BC) in the Arctic and significance compared to dust sources for their climate impacts. Special focus is on Finland, Iceland and Russia including cryospheric impacts,  health effects and shipping. The project is planned to support the activities of the Finnish chairmanship of the Arctic Council and work in the AMAP EGSLCF, as well as the activities in Iceland (and thereafter Russia) as the next chair of the Arctic Council. The project also aims to collect together Finnish expertise related to black carbon and cold climate high latitude dust (hld or cchld). For the purpose, a webropol link will be available here to allow the collection of inputs also outside the project participants.

The project will feed to the  AMAP EGSLCF (Arctic Monitoring Assessment Program Expert Group on Short Lived Climate Forcers)assessment report, and also aims bringing together the relevant Finnish expertise and findings to the knowledge of the Arctic Council.

Further information: 

Niko Karvosenoja, Head of Unit, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE,

Outi Meinander, Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI,


Published 2020-01-30 at 10:49, updated 2020-12-11 at 9:04