Climate change mitigation in sustainable consumption; evaluation of policy instruments related to food housing and personal transport (KUILU)

The object of the project is to evaluate the possibilities of policy instruments targeting to food, housing and personal transport in climate change mitigation. Additionally other environmental impacts, costs and acceptability of the instruments are considered. First, a preparatory impact assessment is done for about twenty identified policy instruments related to consumption.The impact assessment of policy instruments is done as a multidisciplinary collaborative work, in which the following aspects are analysed in more detail, CO2-eq reductions, other environmental impacts, costs, impacts on income distribution and acceptability.The project is carried out in close collaboration with the users of the information (the key ministries in different administrative sectors). Based on evaluations done in collective workshops, new policy packages are assessed and recommended.

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Ari Nissinen, Leading research scientist (PhD), Finnish Environment Institute SYKE,

Published 2014-01-14 at 15:05, updated 2015-12-17 at 13:06