Decision support for ecologically based planning - MetZo III


Ecological decision making and analysis is about producing (usually spatial) information to support decision making in different levels. As said, it is mostly about exploiting spatial data but also non-spatial analysis concerning, e.g., the effectiveness of restoration, management or retention can be studied. Basic pieces in this puzzle are information on species' or habitats' distributions and condition, costs, threats to biodiversity or impacts of actions. Analyses can be utilized for example for developing or expanding conservation network or to support sustainable land use planning.

In Finland, ecological decision making has been used for more than a decade to support the decision making in Finnish Environmental governance and this project continues following this path with joy! Especially, software called Zonation has been utilized in The Finnish forest biodiversity program METSO that aims to halt the ongoing decline in the biodiversity of forest habitats and species, and establish stable and favourable trends in forest ecosystems by 2025.


Targets for the project are

  1. maintain and develope the capasity of ecological decision analysis in Finland,
  2. develope the methods and analyses mentioned,
  3. apply the results into practise in Finland, and
  4. collaborate internationally.


In practice, the project operates independently but mostly in close collaboration with other projects or developmental programmes such as:

Z-porukka Siikanevalla
MetZo-people are looking for some answers in the National Park of Siikaneva © Ninni Mikkonen



Coordinator Minna Pekkonen, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, minna.pekkonen (a), +358 46 921 1969

Researcher Ninni Mikkonen, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, ninni.mikkonen (a), +358 50 441 8980

Research Director Atte Moilanen, University of Helsinki and Finnish Museum of Natural History LUOMUS, atte.moilanen (a)

Prioritization Specialist, PhD Santtu Kareksela, Metsähallitus, Luontopalvelut, santtu.kareksela (a)

Senior Reseacher Niko Leikola, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, niko.leikola (a)

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