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Developmental evaluation of the Finnish sustainable development policies and transformation pathways (POLKU2030, PATH2030)

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Basic project information

POLKU2030 (‘PATH2030’) is a half-year-long project funded by the Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities (VN TEAS). In the project, the implementation of Finland’s  sustainable development policy is evaluated for the first time in this decade. It is also the first evaluation that takes place after the UN’s Agenda 2030 was signed in 2015.

The POLKU2030 project seeks to produce an independent and comprehensive analysis  of Finland’s policy on sustainable development based on versatile data obtained from interviews, a questionnaire, indicators and documents. In addition, the aim is to produce concrete recommendations together with key stakeholders. The goal is to influence the preparations of the next government program (2019-2023) and the selection of its focus areas.

In the context, POLKU2030  focuses especially on two key themes:

1. The mechanisms of sustainable development in Finland meaning the central operators, cooperation bodies, documents and follow-up systems. The practical implementation of the  mechanisms is assessed in relation to the main focus areas and policy principles. Developing the Finnish operating model for sustainable development is a key theme  in the research.

2. The sore points of sustainable development meaning the substance questions which have challenges in terms of sustainable development goals and policy coherence based on indicators and expert opinions. The sore points are discussed in group interviews with ministries  and open workshops for key operators. In addition, the project broadly assesses the effects of Finnish foreign policy in the implementation of the Agenda2030.

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