Finnish CDM/JI Pilot Programme

Project Description

As part of the Finnish National Climate Change Strategy, the Government of Finland launched in 2000 a Pilot Programme on Joint Implementation (JI) and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) (both mechanisms are part of the Kyoto Protocol). The Ministry for Foreign Affairs is in charge of its implementation. The Finnish Environment Institute was selected to provide the necessary consulting and support services for the practical implementation of the programme. The objectives of the pilot programme were to:

  • Contract CDM and JI projects into the project pipeline;
  • Gain experience with the Kyoto mechanisms;
  • Write project management guidelines;
  • Obtain emission reductions to be used by Finland.

The projects were be implemented both in the developing countries (CDM projects) and in the neighbouring countries of Finland (JI projects).

Throughout the process, guidelines, criteria, procedures and reports were developed and published in order to facilitate the implementation of future JI and CDM projects. Main clients in addition to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs are the Ministries of the Environment and of Trade and Industry.

Services provided by SYKE

The Finnish Environment Institute as the main consultant of the Programme was in charge of practical implementing of the JI and CDM projects, preparing Pilot Programme Guidelines and of monitoring, reporting and disseminating the gained experience. It also assisted the competent authorities in project cycle management, including such special aspects as Emission Reductions Purchase Agreements and Project Agreements, baseline development, Letters of Approval, validation/determination, registration, verification and certification. SYKE also planned and carried out an international tendering procedure for CDM projects and validation services in co-operation with Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

More Information

Mr. Pekka J. Salminen, Project Manager, International Affairs Unit, Finnish Environment Institute

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