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FinLTSER key publications

Some recent publications highlighting the cutting-edge of research carried out in the FinLTSER framework are listed below:

Fu, B., Forsius, M. and Liu, J. 2013. Ecosystem services: climate change and policy impacts. Editorial overview. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 5: 1-3. doi:

Fu, B., Wang, S., Su, C. and Forsius, M. 2013. Linking ecosystem processes and ecosystem services. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 5: 4-10. doi:

Forsius, M. Anttila, S., Arvola, L. Bergström, I., Hakola, H., Heikkinen, H.I., Helenius, J., Hyvärinen, M., Jylhä, K., Karjalainen, J., Keskinen, T., Laine, K., Nikinmaa, E., Peltonen-Sainio, P., Rankinen, K., Reinikainen, M., Setälä, H., Vuorenmaa, J. 2013. Impacts and adaptation options of climate change on ecosystem services in Finland: a model based study. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 5:26-40. doi:

Holmberg, M., Vuorenmaa, J., Posch, M., Forsius, M., Lundin, L., Kleemola, S., Augustaitis, A., Beudert, B., de Wit, H.A., Dirnböck, T., Evans, C.D., Frey. J., Grandin, U., Indriksone. I., Krám, P., Pompei, E., Schulte-Bisping, H., Srybnyn, A. and Vána, M. 2013. Relationship between critical load exceedances and empirical impact indicators at Integrated Monitoring sites across Europe. Ecological Indicators: 24:256–265.

Vihervaara, P., D’Amato, D., Forsius, M., Angelstam, P., Baessler, C., Balvanera,P., Boldgiv, B., Bourgeron, P., Dick, J., Kanka, R., Klotz, S., Maass, M., Melecis, V., Petřik, P, Shibata, H., Tang, J., Thompson, J., and Zacharias, S. 2013. Using long-term ecosystem service and biodiversity data to study the impacts and adaptation options in response to climate change: insights from the global ILTER sites network. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 5: 53-66. doi:

Aherne, J., Posch, M., Forsius, M., Lehtonen, A. and Härkönen, K. 2012. Impacts of forest biomass removal on soil nutrient status under climate change: a catchment-based modelling study for Finland. Biogeochemistry 107: 471-488.

Forsius, M., Saloranta, T., Arvola, L., Salo, S., Verta, M., Ala-Opas, P., Rask, M., Vuorenmaa, J. 2010. Physical and chemical consequences of artificially deepened thermocline in a small humic lake - a paired whole-lake climate change experiment. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 14: 2629-2642.

Nickus, U., Bishop, K., Erlandsson, M., Evans, C. D., Forsius, M., Laudon, H., Livingstone, D. M., Monteith, D., Thies, H. 2010. Direct Impacts of Climate Change on Freshwater Ecosystems. In: Kernan, M., Battarbee, R. W., Moss, B. (eds.). Climate Change Impacts on Freshwater Ecosystems. Hoboken, NJ, Wiley-Blackwell. P. 38-64.

Nyberg, K., Vuorenmaa, J., Tammi, J., Nummi, P., Väänänen, V.-M., Mannio, J., Rask, M. 2010. Re-establishment of perch in three lakes recovering from acidification: rapid growth associated with abundant food resources. Boreal Environment Research15 (5): 480-490.

Rask, M., Verta, M., Korhonen, M., Salo, S., Forsius, M., Arvola, L., Jones, R. I., Kiljunen, M. 2010. Does lake thermocline depth affect methyl mercury concentrations in fish? Biogeochemistry 101 (1-3): 311-322.


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