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FinLTSER key publications

Some recent publications highlighting the cutting-edge of research carried out in the FinLTSER framework are listed below:

Fu, B., Forsius, M. and Liu, J. 2013. Ecosystem services: climate change and policy impacts. Editorial overview. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 5: 1-3. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cosust.2013.02.003.

Fu, B., Wang, S., Su, C. and Forsius, M. 2013. Linking ecosystem processes and ecosystem services. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 5: 4-10. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cosust.2012.12.002.

Forsius, M. Anttila, S., Arvola, L. Bergström, I., Hakola, H., Heikkinen, H.I., Helenius, J., Hyvärinen, M., Jylhä, K., Karjalainen, J., Keskinen, T., Laine, K., Nikinmaa, E., Peltonen-Sainio, P., Rankinen, K., Reinikainen, M., Setälä, H., Vuorenmaa, J. 2013. Impacts and adaptation options of climate change on ecosystem services in Finland: a model based study. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 5:26-40. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cosust.2013.01.001

Holmberg, M., Vuorenmaa, J., Posch, M., Forsius, M., Lundin, L., Kleemola, S., Augustaitis, A., Beudert, B., de Wit, H.A., Dirnböck, T., Evans, C.D., Frey. J., Grandin, U., Indriksone. I., Krám, P., Pompei, E., Schulte-Bisping, H., Srybnyn, A. and Vána, M. 2013. Relationship between critical load exceedances and empirical impact indicators at Integrated Monitoring sites across Europe. Ecological Indicators: 24:256–265.

Vihervaara, P., D’Amato, D., Forsius, M., Angelstam, P., Baessler, C., Balvanera,P., Boldgiv, B., Bourgeron, P., Dick, J., Kanka, R., Klotz, S., Maass, M., Melecis, V., Petřik, P, Shibata, H., Tang, J., Thompson, J., and Zacharias, S. 2013. Using long-term ecosystem service and biodiversity data to study the impacts and adaptation options in response to climate change: insights from the global ILTER sites network. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 5: 53-66. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cosust.2012.11.002.

Aherne, J., Posch, M., Forsius, M., Lehtonen, A. and Härkönen, K. 2012. Impacts of forest biomass removal on soil nutrient status under climate change: a catchment-based modelling study for Finland. Biogeochemistry 107: 471-488.

Forsius, M., Saloranta, T., Arvola, L., Salo, S., Verta, M., Ala-Opas, P., Rask, M., Vuorenmaa, J. 2010. Physical and chemical consequences of artificially deepened thermocline in a small humic lake - a paired whole-lake climate change experiment. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 14: 2629-2642.

Nickus, U., Bishop, K., Erlandsson, M., Evans, C. D., Forsius, M., Laudon, H., Livingstone, D. M., Monteith, D., Thies, H. 2010. Direct Impacts of Climate Change on Freshwater Ecosystems. In: Kernan, M., Battarbee, R. W., Moss, B. (eds.). Climate Change Impacts on Freshwater Ecosystems. Hoboken, NJ, Wiley-Blackwell. P. 38-64.

Nyberg, K., Vuorenmaa, J., Tammi, J., Nummi, P., Väänänen, V.-M., Mannio, J., Rask, M. 2010. Re-establishment of perch in three lakes recovering from acidification: rapid growth associated with abundant food resources. Boreal Environment Research15 (5): 480-490.

Rask, M., Verta, M., Korhonen, M., Salo, S., Forsius, M., Arvola, L., Jones, R. I., Kiljunen, M. 2010. Does lake thermocline depth affect methyl mercury concentrations in fish? Biogeochemistry 101 (1-3): 311-322.


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