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Helsinki Metropolitan Area HMA-LTSER


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Site Description 

The HMA-LTSER focuses on the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, comprising of the most urbanised part of Finland from the capital city of Helsinki to the city of Lahti 100 km north. Monitoring and research on long-term ecological and socio-economic phenomena are carried out by different departments at the University of Helsinki and Helsinki University of Technology under the Urban Studies Network. The cities of Espoo, Helsinki, Lahti and Vantaa, as the network partners, contribute to the LTSER by offering data for research, as well as applying research outputs in planning, policy-making and civic activities. Each of the Urban Studies partner has wide experience in its own field (urban ecosystem studies, urban ecology, urban geography, urban economics, urban sociology etc.), but the HMA-LTSER is a new approach to establish a joint long-term research environment for selected urban sites and themes. 

Site aims and research themes 

The HMA-LTSER focuses on the interrelationship of ecological, socio-political and economic changes in urban environments, and the policy implications of these developments. This is done through three themes:  






  • Ecosystem services and biodiversity
  • Urban growth and economy
  • Land use patterns and neighbourhoods.  

The city of Lahti is the pilot ground where the aim is to study changes in land use, socio-economic development and environmental outputs (e.g. those measured in urban run-off waters, soil and biodiversity) in selected urban areas representing different patterns and densities of land use. In this way, research and monitoring offers valuable new information concerning the joint effects of the changes. In addition to Lahti, LTSER is carried out in other selected areas within the Metropolitan Area as well as concerning the region as a whole. 

















Principal contacts

Maija Taka (maija.taka(at)aalto.fi)
Aalto University, Department of Built Environment, P.O.Box 15200 (Tietotie 1 E), FIN-00076 AALTO, Finland

Heikki Setälä (heikki.setala(at)helsinki.fi)
University of Helsinki, Department of Environmental Sciences, Niemenkatu 73, FIN-15140 LAHTI, Finland

Further information concerning the HMA-LTSER is given in Helsinki Metropolitan Region Urban Research Program and Urban Studies Network.


University of Helsinki, Helsinki University of Technology, Cities of Espoo, Helsinki, Lahti and Vantaa, Helsinki Metropolitan Area Council (YTV), Vesijärvi Foundation, the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities (Kuntaliitto), as well as other local and regional public bodies in the HMA.

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