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Lake Päijänne LTER

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Site description

Lake Päijänne LTER site constitutes one of the biggest lakes in Finland with almost 300 000 habitants in surrounding areas. The lake has been heavily polluted but its condition has been improved, and today the lake has both high economic and social importance for a significant proportion of the Finnish population. There is a long experience of lake research in the L. Päijänne area, including some long-term data series. Research at L. Päijänne is diverse and is already well-equipped with instrumentation supporting long-term monitoring. The research covers large scales from hydrology to fish stock assessment.  

Site aims and research themes 

The aim of the Lake Päijänne LTER-site is:

  • To use Lake Päijänne as a model area for sustainable use of lake ecosystem services 
  • To predict climate change effects on the lake and its ecosystem services 
  • To provide scientific base for managing the recovery of the lake towards sustainable multipurpose use 
  • To study the functioning of lakes within the cities (urban lake study) 

The main present research themes are lake physics and transportation of elements, re-oligotrophication, climate change impacts on winter limnology and its biological consequences, and fish resource dynamics. The Lake Päijänne region is also a target for many multidisciplinary projects (e.g. in the fields of history, geography and sociology) which may in future expand our activity from ecological research to socio-ecological research. Co-operation with the Helsinki Metropolitan Area LTSER will also be an important prospective focus. 


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Principal contact

Juha Karjalainen (juha.s.karjalainen(at)jyu.fi)

Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, P.O.Box 35 (YAC), FIN-40014 University of Jyväskylä 


Universities of Jyväskylä and Helsinki, Central Finland, Häme and South Karelia Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Central Finland and Häme E&E Development Centres, Natural Resources Institute Finland, Finnish Environment Institute, Capital Area Water Inc, M-Real Inc, Metsä-Botnia Inc, City of Jyväskylä and other municipalities, Päijänne Fisheries Districts and Associations.

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