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Lepsämänjoki Agricultural Watershed Area LAWA LTSER

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Site description 

The site brings together institutions and research groups conducting long-term agroecosystem research in Finland. The main objective is to combine ecological, agricultural, and socioeconomic data sources for studying development for ecological sustainability in agriculture. 

Site aims and research themes 

The aim of the Lepsämänjoki Agricultural Watershed Area is to link changes in agroecosystem structure and function to socioeconomic and political (especially in reference to national and EU agri. policies) driving forces, and to enhance cooperation of the research and monitoring projects operating in Lepsämänjoki watershed and in thematically associated other agricultural ecosystem research sites. The participating institutions and research groups monitor, conduct research in, and link social and economic drivers to ecological themes in: 






  • Change in biodiversity at ecosystem (agricultural and associated ecosystems) and species (vascular plants, and some key insect taxa) level, including production diversity (crop varieties, animal breeds) 
  • Hydrology and water quality, especially nutrient loading and soil particle loading in the watershed (supplemented with automated monitoring of non-point loading) 
  • Change in production practice and input use in agriculture in this predominantly agricultural watershed 
  • Socioeconomic change in land use, farming, land tenure, and population in Lepsämänjoki area of rural/urban fringe 
© Janne Heliölä












Principal contact  

Laura Alakukku (laura.alakukku(at)helsinki.fi)

Juha Helenius (juha.helenius(at)helsinki.fi)

University of Helsinki, Department of Agricultural Sciences, P.O.Box 27, FIN-00014 University of Helsinki 


University of Helsinki, Finnish Environmental Institute, Natural Resources Institute Finland, Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Water Protection Association of the River Vantaa and Helsinki Region.

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