Genomic tools in bioremediation: A case study with atrazine as pollutant (GENOTOOLS)


Contamination of both soil and groundwater with pesticides is an increasing global problem. In India the annual consumption of atrazine amounts to 340 MT. In Finland and in most of the European Union countries atrazine was used widely, but was banned in the 1990's. However, atrazine and its degradation products are among the most commonly found pesticides in groundwater still today, and so far there are not many technical solutions available for cleanup. Bioremediation with or without the use of microbial inoculants offers sustainable solutions to this problem. However, successful up-scaling of bioremediation actions from the laboratory to pilot and field scale is still a big challenge, and knowledge on the microbial community and its dynamics in the soil is of great importance for the success of bioremediation. Since atrazine is banned in Finland the clean-up needs are mainly for groundwater clean-up and to a lesser extent for soil from pesticide handling and storage areas. In India the pesticide is manufactured and widely used and hence there is a more urgent need for soil cleanup methods. The development of atrazine remediation strategies will also be of value for other countries with similar problems in both climate regions.


This project aims at using genomic tools in the development of a bioremediation strategy for pesticide contaminated soil and groundwater using atrazine as a model pesticide. The project is a Finnish-Indian collaboration between the Finnish Environment Institute and the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), Nagpur, India.

Genotools_suljettu pohjavedenottamo.jpg

Closed groundwater intake plant.

Genotools_Indian sugarcane field.jpg

Indian sugar cane field.


Drilling in winter.


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Leading Researcher Kirsten Jørgensen, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE

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