Gulf of Finland Year 2014

GOF_logo_ENG_RGB_2013_236x152.pngGulf of Finland Year 2014 was a common project of Estonian, Russian and Finnish specialists. The experts produced information on the status of the Gulf of Finland and find measures to achieve a good status of the marine ecosystem. Solutions based on the studies were presented to the decision makers of the three countries and to the public. The Gulf of Finland Year 2014 was a year of activities - there were over hundred events in the coastal cities of the Gulf of Finland throughout the year. In addition, new environmental education materials were produced.

What happened during the Gulf of Finland Year 2014?

The theme year was made visible in many different ways. The main activities of the year consisted of the following sectors:

  • Active research
  • Articles and reports on the status of the Gulf of Finland and the measures needed to achieve the good status.
  • Events for the public in the coastal cities
  • Scientific forums
  • Educational material and courses for students and teachers
  • Forum for decision makers
  • Joint events and cooperation projects of Finland, Estonia and Russia


The research themes of the Gulf of Finland Year 2014 were identified by interviewing decision makers and researchers. This process allowed the definition of the following five key research themes:

  1. Marine bio- and geodiversity
  2. Fish and fishery
  3. Pollution and ecosystem health
  4. Marine traffic safety
  5. Maritime spatial planning

More information

Leading Researcher Kai Myrberg, phone: 0295 251 441 

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