Environmental Education

Photo: Erika Varkonyi

During the Gulf of Finland Year, environmental education was very active. The theme year included new materials, trips by the sea, seminars for teachers, competitions for young people, environmental education camps and much more. Aranda open Vessel events were organized in different coastal cities. In addition, the scientific results were presented to schools, decision-makers and the general public in an inspiring and effective way.

Youth Declaration

A group of Finnish, Russian and Estonian students have created their own declaration on how to protect the Gulf of Finland. The video “We love the Gulf of Finland” and Youth Declaration on the Protection of the Gulf of Finland give suggestions to decision-makers and citizens in all three countries.

During the Gulf of Finland year, over 100 hundred children from Finland, Russia and Estonia sent their ideas for the Youth Declaration. Majority of ideas came from kindergartens and schools in Russia.

The planning continued in the The Youth Declaration Camp which took place on 24-27.7 in Helsinki. The Camp gave an opportinity to children and young people from all three countries to plan together common Gulf of Finland Declaration. The age of the participants was varied, with the youngest being around the age of 14, and the oldest 21 years of age.

The Youth Declaration is addressed to policy makers, local authorities, businessmen, school children and the general public. It contains over 30 measures for the improvement of the Gulf of Finland. Young people were especially worried about littering, eutrophication and possible oil disasters.

The Declaration demands for example agriculture to be more environment-friendly. It urges famous people to demonstrate careful and sustainable attitude to the environment in their everyday life and become role models for the younger generation. It challenges the general public to use public transport and bicycles instead of private vehicles to reduce exhaust emissions.

The Declaration was developed in three countries with the support of the Gulf of Finland Year Coordination Center, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), WWF Finland, The Finnish Nature League, Nordic Council of Ministers, Tallinn Environment Department, Helsinki Environment Centre, Association of Biology and Geography Teachers of Finland and many other educational institutions of Russia, Finland and Estonia.


The Gulf of Finland i nfographics illustrate the state and different areas of Gulf of Finland. Infographics are for non-commercial use only. Design: KasKas Media.

are for non-commercial use only 556
Photo: SYKE & KasKas Media / Teemu Hotti

Other materials

The Baltic Sea Environment and Ecology (.pdf)

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