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Interim Stakeholder Conference in Tallinn 21–22 May 2019!

The conference began with the work package leaders presenting the current status of different project activities. After that the focus was in the textile industry: the findings of the HAZBREF textile industry study were presented and an expert panel shared their views on developments in the textile sector. On the second day the participants were given the chance to tell their views on the HAZBREF project's activities in break-out sessions.

Download the agenda here

Download the background paper for textile industry case studies

Overview of the project by Kaj Forsius

Introduction to WP2 by Nannett Aust

Introduction to WP3 by Michael Suhr

Introduction to WP4 by Janusz Krupanek

HAZBREF Case Studies and Sector Guidance for the Textile Industry presented by Harald Schönberger

Conclusions from Day 1 by Michael Suhr

Introduction to Activity 4.4: Circular Economy by Helena Dahlbo

Download Background papers for breakout sessions

Outcome from the break-out sessions

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Participants interest in HAZBREF activities

Work Package 2 Poster

Work Package 3 Poster

Work Package 4 Poster


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