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The New Urban Agenda (NUA) was adopted at the United Nations Conference Habitat III in Quito 2016 to guide sustainable urban development. It supports the implementation of the Agenda 2030 from the perspective of cities and communities. The agenda includes a monitoring and reporting obligation, according to which member states report on the achievement of the programme's objectives at regular intervals. The UN member states will prepare their first NUA-related national reports to the UN in 2021. In Finland, the Sustainable City Program (2019-2023) coordinated by the Ministry of the Environment promotes the sustainable development of cities and municipalities with a focus on both environmentally and socially sustainable solutions.


The project consists of two complementary phases, in which indicators are selected and developed to describe the environmental, economic and social sustainability of cities.

Reporting on the UN New Urban Development Program (NUA) indicators

The objective of the first phase is to select indicators reflecting the situation of Finnish cities from the indicators of the New Urban Agenda (NUA). Related figures will be produced for the needs of the 2021 national NUA reporting.

National Sustainable Urban Development Indicators

The aim of the second phase is to develop indicators that support the monitoring and promotion of national sustainable urban development. The developed indicators describe the state of the social, economic and environmental dimensions of cities.


Finland's report on the implementation of the New Urban Agenda

As a result of the first phase, SYKE will collect and compile the indicators included in the Finnish national NUA report. Link to the report: Ministry of the Environment (2021). Finland's Report on the Implementation of the New Urban Agenda. 

In the second phase, suitable existing and new indicators will be compiled into a presentaton. The end results of the project include a final report, powerpoint presentations and indicator information that can be used in national and international reports.

The beneficiaries of the work are ministries, cities and municipalities, as well as urban developers and decision-makers.


Events and seminars

Key indicators for Sustainable Urban Development -workshop 17.11.2021

Materials only in Finnish

Social Sustainability Indicators -workshop 17.6.2021

Materials only in Finnish

Sustainable City Morning Coffee 23.3.: How is the city measured? More information and registration for the event here (in Finnish)


Further information

Project director, Tapio Reinikainen, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
Phone + 358 295 251 847,

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