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Innovative approaches for marine biodiversity monitoring and assessment of conservation status of nature values in the Baltic Sea (MARMONI)

Project objectives

To develop concepts for assessment of conservation status of marine biodiversity, including species and habitats and impacts of various human activities. The project shall develop innovative monitoring and assessment approach based on joint set of marine biodiversity indicators as well as to test in practice the monitoring and assessment techniques. The project is acting in the Baltic Sea in territorial waters and EEZ of Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Sweden. It is aiming at applying a regional approach for future marine biodiversity monitoring and cross country co-operation when assessing marine biodiversity in the Baltic Sea.



Posters providing information on the charasteristics of various sea areas can be studied onboard four ferries (Tallink) crusing the Baltic Sea:

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More information

Researcher Heidi Hällfors
Finnish Environment Institute
tel. + 358 295 251 114

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