Invasion of Elodea canadensis in Kuusamo district- causes, consequences and mitigation measures

Topic and aims of the project

Main aims of the project are:

  • to investigate and map a current status of Elodea invasion of Kuusamo area
  • to survey effects of Elodea invasion on threatened and rare macrophyte species of area
  • to study dispersal factors and vectors of Elodea
  • to investigate the factors affecting on success of Elodea in Kuusamo
  • to study factors affecting on wintering of Elodea

               Elodea canadensis

Photo: Anna Väisänen

Work will offer a baseline study of current situation of Elodea invasion in Kuusamo district and gives new information of factors affecting on Elodea success and dispersal.  This study helps local environment authorities to select correct methods against this problematic aquatic weed.


The project will lead to one PhD-thesis which consists of four different papers.

More information

Head of Unit Seppo Hellsten, SYKE
Researcher Anna Väisänen, SYKE

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