Sea ice biogeochemistry and microbial ecology in ice

Project description

Climate scenarios predict large scale changes in e.g. water balance in Baltic Sea catchment and notable increase in average temperatures. Changes are predicted to affect especially the colder half of the year, which would lead to changes in biogeochemical cycles and possibly the whole Baltic Sea ecosystem as runoff would increase and ice conditions alter.

In the sea ice project we will find out how such changes would affect the winter time food web structure, species and processes in the ecosystem both within the ice matrix and in open water. Also implications to the more productive, warmer half on the year are assessed.

Particularly nutrient biochemistry, availability and possible harmfulness of radiation for the ecosystem in ice and effects of changing ice thickness, extend and duration on inner ice food web structure and functioning are studied.

More information

Leading Researcher Riitta Autio, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE,, phone: +358 50 520 3305, 2174

Published 2013-04-22 at 14:38, updated 2013-04-16 at 13:01