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Sentinel mosaics in Finland in national reference grid (FPCUP SGA3 Tier1)

The project concentrates on raising awareness and helping the end-users of Sentinel satellite images and particularly Sentinel satellite image mosaics produced under Finnish Geospatial Platform program. This is achieved by:

  • end-user engagement with the survey of the usefulness of produced Sentinel image mosaics,

  • a workshop for presenting survey results, end-user demo cases and discuss the end-user requirements and next development steps, and

  • creating a helpdesk to help end-users and aid to solve their problems related to Sentinel-images and produced mosaics.

The Sentinel image mosaic products will be tri-monthly Sentinel-1 SAR mosaics, seasonal Sentinel-2 reflectance mosaics, bi-monthly Sentinel-2 image index mosaics, and daily Sentinel-3 SLSTR and OLCI image mosaics. Sentinel-1 SAR moseics 2018 can be seen at Map service. Sentinel-2  index mosaics (NDVI, NDTI, NDSI, NDMI ja NDBI) can be seen at TARKKA-service.

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Published 2019-03-15 at 10:52, updated 2019-07-08 at 9:48