Developing knowledge, policy recommendations and strengthening capacities on Water management and Ecological security in the frame of CEWP

The overall objective of this project is to co-create new information, knowledge and recommendations on water management and ecological security, together with Chinese partners based on IWRM approaches. Learning from European practices and adapting them to better fit in natural and socioeconomic environment in China, the new knowledge will be used in strategic policy dialogues with Chinese counterparts, co-design of strategic plans within water sector and also with other sectors organised by the Focus Area and the Horizontal activity of the CEWP.

The specific objectives of this action are to:

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  • Promote knowledge exchange on Water Management and Ecological Security using practical examples of the implementation of European and Chinese legislation, while contributing to the coordination for the implementation of the CEWP work programmes through the involvement of several EU-MS and Chinese actors,
  • Develop concrete experience feedback through joint projects on pilot basins for the application of technical and institutional tools dedicated to basin management, water quality protection and ecosystem conservation,
  • Assess and promote potential development and evolution of Chinese water related legislation and strategies, along with experiences from implementation of European water legislation,
  • Engage governments, governmental institutions administrations, stakeholders, businesses, researchers and other relevant stakeholders for a future comprehensive implementation on Water Management and Ecological Security practices in China.

The action will be structured around the following four work packages, summarised in the following scheme and presented in more details in the following table:

  • Work Package 1: Coordination and management of the project (lead: IOWater, France),
  • Work Package 2: Cooperation and exchanges of experience - pilot projects (lead: Finnish Environment Institute -SYKE, Finland),
  • Work Package 3: Production of policy papers (lead: University of Evora, Portugal),
  • Work Package 4: Communication & Dissemination of the results (lead: IOWater, France).

Finnish pilot: Integrated water resources management based lakerestoration (InteRest)

Finnish Environment Institute, Pyhäjärvi Insitute and Taihu Basin Authority are conducting a twinning pilot related to management of shallow lakes Pyhäjärvi (Finland) and Taihu (China). The pilot is building on bilateral co-operation project Lakes in Trouble 2012-2014 (.pfd file, 7 MB), funded by Chinese academy of sciences and Academy of Finland. Even though the lakes differ in size and pressures, they are functionally relatively similar shallow systems, and share similar problems of eutrophication and algal blooms.

Lake Taihu (left) and Lake Pyhäjärvi (right) basins.



The objectives of the pilot are information exchange and communication of water protection practices, and demonstrating and testing DPSIR-framework in integrated water resources management (IWRM). The pilot will:
  • Assess the governance structures of water quality management
  • Assess and analyze water quality monitoring practices and techniques as well as status assessment methods
  • Demonstrate innovative measures to address significant pressures
  • Demonstrate and test DPSIR (Driving forces; Pressures; States; Impacts; Responses) framework and establish index system for evaluation of the
  • Analyze and enhance public-private partnership (PPP) in IWRM

In the end, the pilot will provide management suggestions for Lake Taihu and Lake Pyhäjärvi based on the assessment and comparison of best practices within both basins.


Project Manager Marketta Juppi


phone: +358 259 251 084

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