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Phase 1: Description, collation and analysis of data in the GISBLOOM project

Collecting nutrient load data

Forecasting algal blooming and management of eutrophication require data on nitrogen and phosphorus loads. Given that, for many areas, there is insufficient knowledge of such loads and their determinants, this project sets out to develop a new statistical model enabling the assessment of loads based on catchment basin characteristics and land use.

Defining the determinants of algal blooms

Environmental determinants and threshold values of algal blooms will be mapped based on available observation data from lakes and coastal waters. These outcomes will then be used to create various algal models. Among coastal waters, modelling will focus on the Tvärminne sea area and  the Pohjanpitäjänlahti bay.

Complementing algal bloom observation data

The initial data required includes observations of algal blooms and data on their determinants. This data will be complemented by information from satellite images and measurements taken by automated stations. Satellite image observations will give comprehensive data on a region, while automated measurements will provide precise and time-specific data on blooming, water quality and weather conditions.

Software tools and a database as the outcome

As its outcome, the first phase will produce software tools and a database containing algal bloom data and determinants of blooming. These tools will enable the illustration of algal bloom data in a new manner and enhance the use of algal and load models.

More information

Senior Researcher Kari Y. Kallio, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, firstname.y.surname@ymparisto.fi [kari y kallio]

Published 2013-04-30 at 15:01, updated 2013-04-30 at 15:02